Emergency Scholarship Request

Students are eligible for up to $250. Funding is limited and request will be received on a first come, first serve basis until April 10, 2020, or until funds are depleted.

The San Jacinto College Foundation Emergency Scholarship fund provides financial resources to students facing economic hardship and immediate monetary need, that if not met, could result in an inability to complete classes or a degree program. Examples of financial need which qualify students for funding include, but is not limited to: change in family income/support; loss of a job; natural disaster; burglary; fire, etc.

Important Information regarding the SJC Student Emergency Scholarship Fund

  • Request can be made by the student or on behalf of a student by an administrator, faculty member, or staff member of San Jacinto College.
  • Emergency scholarships are available to help students who experience an unexpected and unforeseen circumstance which jeopardizes their ability to pay for their education.
  • Processing of emergency funding request can take up three working days.
  • Emergency funds are limited and amounts may vary. (*Up to $250 will be considered.)

Terms of Scholarship:

  1. If applicable, scholarship applies to recipients SJC Installment Payment Plan (IPP), and is equally divided over remaining payments.
  2. If recipients tuition is paid in full, scholarship funds will be disbursed to recipient via a refund from the College.

If you have not applied for financial aid or you applied but did not qualify for grants, please schedule a virtual appointment with a financial aid advisor. If your household income has changed, your new financial status will be considered.

During this time, FAFSA applications are still being processed and virtual financial aid advising is available by appointment. Please visit the Financial Aid section of our Student Resources Related to Coronavirus page for full details and contact information.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Student name
  2. Student G#
  3. Describe, in detail, students need for emergency funding.
  4. Exact dollar amount requested.
  5. I have an SJC Installment Payment Plan (IPP) in place for the Spring 2020 semester?